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No stone left unturned exemplifies how I approach my craft. Simply put, every artistic process operates poorly in a vacuum, and my homepage exists mainly to expose the deeper layers of stone and rubble where putting it ‘out there’ for critical inspection forces a more diligent effort on my part.

Within the limited scope of these pages, I introduce essays, journals and writing samples from various stories and projects under development, and you are entirely welcome to post your thoughts and critiques.

Like all messages in a bottle, I have no idea where the effort will find its shoreline. In the meantime I hope to entertain with reason and curiosity.

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About the artist…

Ken Ramsley is a visiting investigator in the School of Engineering at Brown University where he advises and lectures on topics related to spacecraft systems, orbital mechanics, and product design. In the Dept. of Planetary Geosciences Ken also brings a systems engineering perspective to ongoing planetary geological research on topics related to the martian moons and other members of the solar system.

Prior to his work at Brown, Ken was Chief Engineer for spacecraft electronics and software development at AeroAstro, Inc., and designed multiple electronics and optical components for seven space satellites now on orbit.

Ken has written, produced and directed 3D interactive video games, fabricated custom mirrors and built numerous telescopes, exhibited digital fine art photography, and occasionally conjures vintage baseball and semi-futuristic short story fiction.

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  1. It’s a nice blog. Now following you.

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