The following is based a multi-mission game ‘mod’ (a.k.a., Fan Mission Campaign) entitled “A Keeper of the Prophecies” where the lead character travels though time to set things straight in the life of one particular little girl. It appears that in the process Garrett has disrupted something in the continuum that needs to be set straight as well. More about the Thief game series and my fan missions can be found at

What you see here list oldest to newest entries for readability and fixes the most egregious typos. Other than this, nothing has been altered…

1  [ThiefGarrett] is looking for a decent leather goods shop

2  just got in… heading to bed… no more questions

3  Drinking lousy coffee – too dark – forgot to ‘obtain’ creamer again – not enough caffeine, either. I’ll make it through the day somehow…

4  didn’t make it through the day…almost midnight now! Guess it’ll be the same old routine again tonight.

5  – moving back to the city – no market – crap is piling up

6  WTF – ride shows – both horses dumping. guy drives off with my crap before the last load. nice trade – my shit for a pile of horseshit

7  riding through fog. not sure where I am. borrowed both horses for their own protection. shouldn’t be long now. too bad I’ll miss the show

8  left the main road. traveling way too heavy – leading carriage horses like pack mules draws too much attention. daybreak soon. foggy still.

9  camped off the beaten path below Apentine. tough choices ahead. raining. hungry. need to sleep. need a plan

10  buried my stuff in the rain. not ideal but the bling won’t rust and the rest can rot. found a room at the Apentine Inn. sent the horses off.

11  Apentine sits by the river between tall mountains on both sides. mostly lumbermen here – a few outsiders like me staying at the inn

12  saw twin brothers checking in – confused – like they’d never done that before. returned to my mutton & ale. I know those two from somewhere.

13  Rain – pounding on the inn roof. river is roaring. need to move on – dig up my bling bag and go.

14  tracing my steps downriver – searching the mists below Apentine – moving rocks aside under a gibbous Raven moon

15  still dark. I feel horses pulling me. I’m in a wagon now. my hands and feet are tied, my head throbs and aches. the bling was booby-trapped.

16  carriage horses wake from a standing nap. muffled voices murmur in the morning mist. atop a campfire, fresh coffee brews. I pretend to sleep

17  up a mountain road we stop. I open my eyes. everything is gone – people, horses, wagon – even the ropes tying me down. I climb to my feet.

18  All around, I see open woodland with trees growing up through ruined homes. The lay of the land is familiar. I don’t know why.

19  someone is here [voice] so, you recognize this place? [me] you have 19 questions left [voice] …and you want to know why? [me] 18

20  one of the trees reshapes itself into an older man. he dusts loose leaves from his lapels. I know him from someplace. I don’t remember where

21  all around, trees fidget. there is no wind – they are merely interested. [me] what do you want? [old man] ah – a question – excellent…

22  nothing bars my way, yet I’m imprisoned here all the same. every trail is straight – yet each time I leave I come across the -same- ruins

23  in the kitchen of the largest house ruin I find a rusted carving knife and fire poker. in the basement I hear water moving fast over rocks

24  far below ground I follow a subterranean stream. strange rocks glow – lighting my path – brightening as I approach – dimming as I depart.

25  at a low waterfall, I exit the mountain caverns. across the stream I see the old man tending a garden. stepping stones rise from the water

26  the old man unearths my bling bag, inspecting it carefully. [old man] I’ve been looking for this. [me] you have a strange way of ‘looking.’

27  [old man – pulling a jeweled scepter from my bling bag] do you know what this is? [me] “about three month’s rent.” The old man is not amused

28  held by an invisible force, the scepter floats midair in my direction. I draw my rusted kitchen knife. it is now a crimson sword in my hand.

29  [me] this is really distracting [woman’s voice – from just above the scepter] only as much as you want [me] Alisha! [Alisha] Hello Garrett

30  Alisha holds the scepter out for me to take [me] “keep it” [Alisha – unsurprised] “as you wish” – I see the scepter vanish from her hand.

31  [me – to the old man] I thought she was dead [Alisha] I am… [pausing] …and so are you… [me] BULLshit!! [Alish – smirking] as you wish.

32  without warning I’m in the city standing outside my old flat. my hand passes right through the door handle like a mirage. I must be dreaming.

33  a city watchman walks close by. I’m standing in plain view. he doesn’t notice me. [Alisha – invisible] they can’t see you.

34  [me] why have you brought me here? [Alisha – still invisible] go wherever you want, and when you’ve seen enough, return to this doorway.

35  like inside a bad dream, I’m stuck to the street, making no progress walking. instead I concentrate on where I want to be – and I am there.

36  I’ve seen enough of the city. imagining the old man’s garden I return unannounced and unnoticed [old man – to Alisha] that is not allowed!

37  [me – to Alisha] alright – we’re all dead. [Alisha – turning on me] I was unjustly killed! [me] only the first time, Lish [old man] exactly!

38  [Alisha] “if we work together we can fix this.” [me] “I like being dead…” [Alisha] “you’re impossible!” – the old man returns to his gardening

39  downhill from the garden, I find blackened woodlands. here, water rushes steeply before falling into the roiling depths of a steam cloud.

40  [Alisha- standing among blackened trees with steam drifting between us] it won’t be long now… [me] until when? [Alisha] until you understand.

41  curious, I ‘imagine’ the carriage horse barn. arriving, it seems the ‘surprise’ I left behind for the driver had a bigger kick than planned.

42  amidst the remnants of the barn I find a crater where the horse stalls once stood. no chance -my- ‘surprise’ packed that kind of firepower.

43  word on the street, a nobleman was killed in the stable explosion. at the local mortuary I find the sealed coffin of a ‘Lord Prenderfoot’

44  returning to the garden, the blackened forest is closer. steam rises in the distance [Alisha] this island sinks even faster when we’re away.

45  I imagine myself high overhead. here I’m lit from below by a glowing ocean of red lava. islands dot the sea, some nearly submerged.

46  I imagine other islands, but return to the garden each time. [Lish] I tried that… you can only go where you’ve been before.

47  I follow the stream and return to where I first met the old man. [old man – invisible] the horses have your answers – speak with the horses.

48  instead of a stable, I appear at the Apentine Inn. twin brothers are seated in the dining room. They can see me, yet seem unafraid.

49  [twin – to me] what do you seek? be quick, be quick! [me] who are you? [twin] witnesses [me] of what? [twin] of our master’s murder.

50  [twin] “do you not recognize us? we see recognition in your eyes.” the twins lead me outside into the fading twilight where they transform.

51  the two carriage horses I lead to Apentine stand before me. [horse] you did save us. this we choose to repay… in truth – you are not dead!

52  [me – gesturing to my phantom form] do I look ‘alive’ to you? [horses] you have been separated – your body lives also – this we did witness.

53  [me] where is my body now? [horses] “from what we did overhear …in the mountains above Apentine” I try to imagine …yet see only darkness.

54  [among the ruins, to the old man – me] Lord Prenderfoot, I presume? [Lord P] in my better moments. [me] how can I go where I haven’t been?

55  [Lord P] have you never met a ghost? they make demands for this very reason [me] or cash in old favors… [Lord P] unlikely among the living

56  returning to the city, three years have passed since the Raven Moon when I returned a certain doll and pocket watch. will she remember me?

57  watching Megatfree’s daughter with her friends, I turn to leave. in many ways we saved each other and she owes me nothing [girl] please stay

58  [girl – laughing] I did not think you a phantom, sir. [me] it seems we have traded places [girl] you have much to learn, Mr. Garrett.

59  [girl] “to travel as you wish, you must enter and possess a traveling object – one you care for dearly” I can imagine no such thing…

60  the girl’s father will not return soon, and if I am to find him, I must haunt the most dangerous place for a ghost… among the Hammerites!

61  I know the Hammerite cathedral well enough to remain hidden – yet the same is also true for the deacons and priests. where is everyone?

62  in the office of the vicar I find him with the high priest [vicar] even if fully recovered our ranks are no match for such a nemesis as this

63  [high pr] yes, thou hast pealed such warnings many times – yet this doth not assuage our responsibilities, dear vicar

64  [high pr] “By the Builder! – who doth trouble our humble abode? – Phantom show thyself!” [me – appearing] as commanded… I come in peace!

65  [as the high priest readies a flaming hammer… [me] I am Garrett! [vicar] the master thief? [me] one in the same – half, if I admit the truth

66  [high pr – withholding his attack] speakest thou not in riddles, phanton! [me] plainly I have been parted from my body – but I am not dead!

67  [vicar – to the high pr] verily! is this not the clearest evidence yet? [high pr] evidence that must be tested – art thou willing, phantom?

68  I have an urge to vanish, but I need reliable friends [me – to the high pr] I am ready [high pr] appear thee in the catacombs for thy trial.

69  below the majestic cathedral floor I find voices already whispering among the dead saints and heroes of the Hammerite order.

70  [ghostly voices] who doth disturb our sacred rest? trespasser! heretic! sinner! [me – overplaying my hand] I am a keeper of the prophecies.

71  a faint form appears [form] “we know thee not. begone!” [other voices] nay, nay – destroy this ghost! it is not of the order. it is impure!

72  [form] “why dost thou trouble us?” I explain my situation. many voices are unsympathetic. “Kill it! Kill it NOW!!”

73  [form] where hast thou been? [me] I do not understand? – to the mountains…? [form] nay, that is where thy body lies. who hast thou met?

74  [me – playing my last card] “I have been to the Oracle” [voices erupting in contemptuous mockery] “pagan! liar!” [form] tell us its name…

75  [me] in detail I describe the Guardian of the Ages and its words to the fading utterance of Hammerite heroes and saints now silenced.

76  [voices now gasp] “…by the Builder! …Father Amahus! …not present for 2,000 years passing …he appeareth…” the ghosts are terrified.

77  with Amahus I find myself atop the north tower – the city laid out before us. [Amahus] “Reverest thou the Builder?” [me] I revere nothing…

78  [Amahus] “as we once feareth…he who was banished hast returned” [me] “the Trickster?” [Amahus] “nay – that demon was but a harbinger.”

79  [Amahus] he hath learnt of thine exploits and seeketh the power thereof [me] what exploits? [Amahus] hast thou not defeated death itself?

80  [me] I jumped down a hole and saved someone who didn’t deserve the help. [Amahus] in so doing thou didst unwittingly undo many things.

81  [Amahus] thou didst create a fold in time – four score and ten days played out time and again – with ample opportunity for mischief.

82  Amahus explains the rest. the loop is infinite and by now a certain creature has learned with each repetition of time all that can be known.

83  [Amahus] …except thine otherworldly visitation to the Guardian – with such knowledge it may end the cycle and freely enter our own time.

84  [Amahus] a living body retaineth the same knowledge as its living soul. once thy spirit is destroyed the creature shalt possess thine flesh.

85  [me] seems I have a body to snatch. [Amahus – facing the cathedral] we art old and its agents powerful. blessings unto thee, Keeper Garrett.

86  in the garden, I find Lord Pr harvesting the last of his crop. nearby the stream pours into a chasm filled with steam. Alisha is not here.

87  in the caverns, stones no longer light my path. among the town ruins, trees have all departed – except one now shapeshifting into Lord Pr.

88  [me – guessing] “you should have my ankle looked at – sprained it two weeks ago – unless you don’t mind a limp.” Lord Pr smiles then laughs.

89  receding from view the shapeshifter moves through a thousand forms until assuming the image of a cloud melting away. Then I am alone.

90  Alisha is right. away from the island, it sinks noticeably. as long as I stay, time seems to move very slowly. I imagine the Oracle…

91  it seems there are limits on this ghost-travel thing. the Oracle is too far away – or won’t allow it. I imagine my body. still nothing.

92  I have a bone to pick with those carriage horses. in a temporary stable near the burned out barn I find them. they are afraid to see me.

93  [horses] “our master is evil. this we know. we mean you no harm. we owe you our lives!” I believe them. [me] I have a mission for you…

94  back on the island, steam leaks from the caverns into the basement of the largest building ruin. I imagine a certain mortician’s office…

95  the greater intrigue of demons and gods is not my concern and will have to wait. for the moment reuniting body and soul is my only objective

96  [mortician and Hammerite deacon] “who troubleth my office?” [me – invisible] a keeper of the prophecies has need of your newest pocketwatch.

97  [mortician] mine daughter didst forewarn me of thy possible visitation. How canst a ghost carry a pocketwatch? [me] we have our ways, sir.

98  I hear the mortician’s doorman greeting the twin brothers. it will be several hours before they’ll reach the mountains above Apentine.

99  on the island I wait for time to pass. the little girl possessed her precious doll for practice. is that timepiece ‘precious’ enough to me?

100  the Apentine Inn has its own ghosts – employees down a water well or dying somehow in the kitchen. they’re easily entertained while I wait.

101  the Apentine ghosts know their guests. mostly strangers these days – woodsmen and one misplaced tailor heading out each morning with the men

102  a twin arrives atop his brother. how cleaver. friendly ghosts mark the tailor’s coat. a twin slips the mortician’s watch into a back pocket.

103  I am the watch, the spring, the gears, the face, the hands, the numbers. with phantom eyes I see the ghostly forest passing. we are underway

104  as we climb I feel a shiver from the spot where I was last alive and whole, then across the river, then further into the deep forest.

105  clamoring from the wagon we reach an alpine lake. ahead stands a waterfront manor under construction deeply scarring the shoreline woodlands

106  [workmen] makes no sense – a place like this in the middle’a nowhere – no decent roads in – making everything by hand – payin’ us raw gold.

107  [tailor] tell me about it. I still have drapes and robes to sew. [workmen] robes? [tailor] like for royalty. moved my whole shop up here.

108  we approach the main gateway. with enchanted eyes two sentinels scan our work party. I am gears. I am bearings. I am hands [sentinels] halt!

109  [sentinel] “What contraband have we?” [tailor – surprised] …the timepiece? …is but a charm …a gift for the master [sentinel] keep it!

110  inside the tailor’s shop his eyes stare into my face. he winds my spring. I release the strain. my hands begin to move. he is pleased.

111  the tailor displays the watch to several window masons. “windfall from a patron who never returned.” [me – whispering] “never say ‘never'”

112  I doubt I’m haunting the right palace – until I witness sentinels climbing stairs to the next security level – shapeshifted as wolves.

113  [tailor – terrified] he is but a minor wizard – a mere apprentice who bestows such enchantments… [me] bring him here. speak nothing of me.

114  [me – invisible – to the wizard’s apprentice] why do you impede this tailor’s work? [apprentice wizard] forgive me, master. I will escort him instantly!

115  the apprentice unlocks doors. the tailor measures my body for a robe. I could snatch it right now but have two more tasks. [me] tailor, leave us!

116  [me] “tell me of preparations, apprentice!” he describes construction progress. [me] “a test of competence – tell me how wolves become men!”

117  I enter my body and with incantations mumbled in my ear by the ghost of Amahus, I master the young wizard’s enchantment for shapeshifting.

118  the apprentice wanders nearby woodlands searching out healthy oak saplings. the wolves and bears take no notice – they have seen stranger.

119  with help from enchantments ‘my body’ lies upon its slab – ready for the wizard to possess – while I appear as the wizard’s young apprentice

120  someone has sounded an alarm. I emerge from the wizard’s lair to find many eyes glaring my way – including those of the real apprentice.

121  with a head start I’m running for the river bridge. sentinels transform into a pursuing pack. the wolves are nipping at my heals.

122  A wolf snags an ankle and I’m sprawled on the bridge decking. in a hail of flaming hammers they are driven back – then riven with arrows.

123  across the bridge I join Hammerite priests and archers. a vile host pours onto the opposite river bank. we are outnumbered twenty to one.

124  Encellon, high priest of the Hammerite Order stands forth wielding their most ancient and sacred relic – the Stone Hammer of the Builder.

125  the head of the sentinels steps onto the bridge [Encellon – ghostly] from the pit thou hast been raised and to the pit thou shalt return!

126  in my right hand is placed the crimson sword of a fallen Hammerite. sentinels pour across the bridge. others boil across the foaming river.

127  [Encellon – the sacred hammer held high] “TO THE PIT WHENCE THEY CAME!” sentinels roar with laughter. the hammer glows with a blinding light

128  upon the attacking hoard flaming sculls rain – hurled from on high by the summoned pantheons of Hammerite saints and heroes. the tide turns.

129  making his own light on the trail beyond the retreating sentinels, a form advances. the great wizard has taken the bait. I see my own face.

130  [wizard ] apprentice! this treason has earned your death! [me – sarcastically] and you a very long life. [wizard] a riddle? [me] the truth.

131  on the bridge, Encellon, the high priest lies mortally wounded – the stone hammer a lifeless form in his hand. I have no enchantments left.

132  [the real apprentice – running] master! this be an impostor! an image of myself! [wizard] who are you? speak! [me] I am who you wish to be.

133  the wizard raises a wand. [me] do you remember the Oracle? [wizard] who ARE you? [me] don’t you know everything? [wizard] I will unmask you!

134  the wizard roars incomprehensibly – disenchanting everything within earshot. sentinels are now squirrels and sheep and wolves. [Wizard] NO!!

135  contorted in grief, Hammerite warriors surround their fallen leader maintaining a vigil into darkness. The mortician and his daughter arrive

136  the mortician and daughter walk apart. the ghost of Amahus walks between. she wears the garb of a priestess. the Hammerites are prostrate.

137  [priestess – before the body, raising her hands heavenward] “Rise, Encellon, Hero and Saint!” the river stops. the wind stops. all is silent

138  the spirit of Encellon moves among his fallen troops, raising their ghosts before leading them into the gathering pantheon overhead.

139  [me – to the priestess] I did not know… [priestess] you did not even suspect? I was with you always… together we consulted the Oracle…

140  warm morning sunlight paints a freshly planted sapling oak. [Amahus] after a thousand winters he will remember only that he is a tree.

141  [me] this is where you have chosen? [Ghost Alisha – among the ruins of her father’s enterprise] a fitting place to haunt – don’t you think?

142  [me – returning the mortician’s watch] you must be very proud [mortician – handing the watch back to me] she was chosen… keep this always.

143  how did that girl travel to the Oracle with me? …then I remember her doll …the one she asked me to carry. I thought it was just a game.

144  [THE END] Credits: Original story by Ken Ramsley, based on A Keeper of the Prophecies – a game extension series for Thief 2: The Metal Age.

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